Meet Bill, Portillo’s Manager and U.S. Navy Cook

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Hi, I’m Bill Udell. I was a cook in the navy the USS Flasher SSN613. You’re all there for the same purpose,

you’ve got different backgrounds, you’ve got different personalities you’ve got different skill sets and you just learn to work with each other because you have a common goal.

Now I’m a restaurant manager with Portillo’s in Tempe, Arizona.

Well, the overall mission is to create lifelong memories, mostly that’s geared towards for the guests for the customers. But also, we got to remember that it’s for our team too. Portillo’s would be a good place to come once you get out.

The training is very thorough and very good.

At Portillo’s the management team are like my brothers and sisters. The employees are like children and in my case, sometimes grandchildren [laugh].

Shipmates, team members all equates to family.

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