Portillo’s part-time passions Video

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Portillo’s achieves greatness when our team members feel supported, cared for, and included. And we put that care into action by providing access to some of the greatest benefits in the restaurant industry. Family is a key value at Portillos. We live by that value by ensuring our team members have access to a broad suite of wellness resources, including medical coverage and mental health support. We offer a comprehensive time off program to make sure all team members members take time for themselves

Our employee assistance program has resources spanning from confidential counseling to lifestyle support to legalguidance to give our team the tools to navigate all of life’s challenges, big or small. We believe in helping our team members achieve financial security and success. In addition to offering a competitive compensation package, we provide a range of programs to help with future planning, including a 401K plan with company match and employee stock purchase plan. And finally, we want Portillos to serve as an important building block to our team members career success. So whether your path is to grow your career at Portillo’s or beyond our restaurants, we have tools like education programs and training development courses to help you achieve your full potential

This portfolio of perks and benefits was formed by the feedback of our very own family of team members. Take the first step of taking care of yourself with these advantages today.

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